VidiFire Review – 72% Off Earlybird Discount & Big Bonus

VidiFire Review – 72% Off Earlybird Discount & Big Bonus! VidiFire is The Secret VSL Weapon Behind 30+ Top Selling JVZoo Launches and Directly Responsible for Generating Over $2.5 Million in Sales on this Platform Alone…

VidiFire Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Peter Beattie
  • Product: VidiFire
  • Launch Date: 2016-11-15
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Sales Page: Click here (Discounted price. Your Order is Safe, Secure & Solid)
  • Bonuses: YES, Bonus from my site
  • Refund : 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Niche: Video marketing
  • Recommended: Highly recommended
  • Skill Level Needed: All Levels
  • Support: Effective Response

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VidiFire Review – What exactly is VidiFire?

In short, if you want to create sales videos that get the money QUICKLY, you will love this VidiFire product.

VidiFire is the universal pitch video framework Peter Beattie has developed and perfected over several successful product launches & promotions over the last 7 years.

This framework has been used in over 30 of his most recent product launches and has played a crucial part in over $2.5 Million in sales on JVZoo in the past few years alone.

It’s also been used to kickstart entire businesses not only for him, but for several clients as well. Some of these businesses were sold to investors.

The $96,000 Case Study Training
This is where Peter Beattie walks you through the entire VidiFire framework step by step w/ real world examples. When you completes this training, they will have a sales video on steroids that can be used to sell just about anything… or they can charge a fortune to do this for clients.

The Templates
you will get the exact pitch video framework Peter Beattie follows whenever he needs to knock out a sales video that converts strangers into buyers. This is like a set of “cheat codes” that they can just follow and fill in the blanks.

VidiFire Review – How does it work?

3 Steps to DOMINATING w/ Epic Videos
Even if you hate making videos and cant write a video script to save your life.

Step 1: Create Video w/ The VidiFire Framework
Use VidiFire to craft a powerful video message that breaks through the noise and gets you noticed, even in the most crowded and competitive niches.

Step 2: Put Your Video Online
Put your shiny new epic video on your website or landing page, or turn it into a video ad so people can see it.

Step 3: Attract & Convert
Watch stone cold strangers convert from random video viewers to paying customers and loyal fans of your business.

VidiFire Review – How Can VidiFire Help You?

Sales Videos
Effortlessly craft epic sales videos that speak directly to your target customer’s deepest desires and pain points so you can convert you into paying customers of your products and services.

Affiliate Review Videos
Stand out among a sea of “me too” affiliates with epic hard hitting product review videos that get people buying through YOUR affiliate link whenever you promote something.

Videos for Clients
No product? No list? No problem. VidiFire will help you craft epic videos for other businesses so you can command top dollar for your services!

Facebook & YouTube Video Ads
Own the newsfeed with powerful videos that force your target audience to stop scrolling, watch your video ad and take action so you get ROI on your ad spend.

Epic Branding Videos
Eliminate competition and create your own category by telling your business’ story w/ powerful brand building videos that don’t require months of filming or deep pockets.

Epic Youtube Channel Trailers
Grow your YouTube audience and strengthen your relationship w/ existing subscribers by crafting epic channel trailers that set you apart from the rest.

eComm Store Product Videos
Pour gasoline on the fire that powers your eComm store by taking your product videos to a level your competition can’t play on.

Upsell Videos
Maximize average customer value on all of your funnels with hard hitting product upsell videos that give you more ways to invest in your other products and services.

VidiFire Review – Inside VidiFire, You’ll Discover

  • Discover EXACTLY how I craft videos that have generated MILLIONS in sales online and how you can copy my system to get to $100 per day in no time – even if you’re a complete newbie and have ZERO tech experience. (this is actually easier if you don’t like being on camera or are on a small budget)
  • The “Behind the Curtain” introvert-friendly method to commanding TOP DOLLAR making simple yet powerful EPIC videos for other businesses, without ever talking to anyone in person or doing any selling (really)
  • How to leverage the “Trailer Park Manager Mindset” to whip up epic videos that “get the money” as quickly as possible. Do this right and you’ll be generating more sales than you or your clients can handle in no time.
  • How to model popular “blockbuster movie trailers” to craft a compelling “video story” about your business that your target market CANNOT ignore, even if they’ve never heard of you.
  • How to tap into “The Curious Ape Within” laying dormant in you’s mind and use it to take over ANY niche selling almost anything – digital products, coaching, consulting, psychical products, affiliate products and more.
  • How to (ethically) take advantage of the natural curiosity and survival instinct present in ALL humans and use that to move your target customer’s attention to YOU and your products or services.
  • The “Video Seduction” mechanism that forces viewers to see your product or service as the BEST solution to their problem, even if it costs 5-10x more than the competition.
  • The “Epic Social Proof Hack” that is guaranteed to instantly double conversions on ALL of your videos, even if you have ZERO existing customers and ignore everything else in this program.
  • The right way to reveal the price of your product or service and get your viewer clicking that buy button after watching your video, even if they never heard about you before watching your video.
  • 100% Newbie Friendly AND Veteran Approved – Go from ZERO to VIDEO HERO in no time flat and easily 5-10x you or your client’s sales.
  • A “CAN’T FAIL” video sale-getting system that’s tried, tested and proven on over 30 best selling products and MILLIONS in sales.
  • The “Interest Cultivation” technique that keeps your viewer GLUED to their screen watching your video until the very end and taking the action you want you to.
  • Complete with a REAL 6 figure sales video case study, the exact templates I use to make my videos and my “private black book” or contractors I use to outsource video work to on the cheap.

VidiFire Review – What are Included inside This?

Part 1: The Training

Module 1: Your Video Attack Plan
How the heck are you supposed to get to where you want to be if you don’t know where you’re going?

This is where we lay the groundwork and start developing your plan for total video domination in your niche…or how you are going to do that for your clients.

I’ll take you behind the scenes of SEVERAL of my successful video campaigns and show you what’s working (and not working) for me RIGHT NOW…and how to model what I’m doing regardless of your niche or what you’re selling.

Module 2: “The Rubberneck Effect”
This is the very first (and most important) step to crafting that video that’s going to take your sales to the next level.

Us humans are curious creatures and when we see something “out of the ordinary” happening, we have no choice but to give it our attention.

Because in the caveman days, if we saw something “out of the ordinary”, it was probably trying to eat us.

I call it “The Curious Ape Within”. We cannot control this.

It’s a survival instinct implanted deep within our very existence.

So, “The Rubberneck Effect” is how we tap into that “curious ape” within our prospects to grab their attention and make you take notice of what we have to say.

If you don’t do this right your video is gonna bomb. Doesn’t matter how good you do on the rest of it.

In fact, if you get this right, the rest of your video and your copy, doesn’t even have to be that good.

Module 3: “Interest Cultivation”
Now that you’ve hooked you in, you gotta keep you there by creating interest about the topic…in relation to how it will make you want to buy whatever it is you’re selling at the end.

So to create interest, simply tell you what you’re gonna tell you.

Whoever makes it past this point is extremely interested in what we are talking about. Which means, they are a super hot lead at this point. Otherwise, why would they stay?

This is also where we start to tell you about the big opportunity that is available to you. Or the big problem that they know or don’t know that they have.

We educate you on the problem or opportunity, show how it will affect their life in negative ways if it’s not solved, then we propose a solution or shortcut to solving the problem.

Module 4: “The Seduction Stage”
This is where we are perfectly setup to introduce our solution to their problem, our product, service or whatever we’re selling.

What makes it unique/fresh/new? How does it work?

Show you success stories from you. If you don’t have any, give out review copies for free and get you that way.

We also call out their biggest objections and systematically smash you 1 by 1 while making you see results in advance with your product/service in their head before they even have it.

This is extremely powerful because their brain starts to associate our product/service with those positive emotions and it’s almost impossible for you not to want what you’re selling.

Module 5: “The ASK Stage”
This is where you reveal the price of what you’re selling and ask for the sale.
A lot of people don’t like asking for the sale, but let me tell you…

If you do everything we just talked about, you won’t need to do any selling here.
We can increase urgency with things like expiring bonuses, impending price increases, limited copies etc.

And for those still on the fence, we show more proof, more success stories, crush more objections, while continuing to ask for the sale throughout.

Module 6: Epic (and Legit) Social Proof
Want an easy way to increase the effectiveness of ANY video by at least 120%?

Use “EPIC (and legit) Social Proof” in your videos, just like those late night infomercials.

As soon as I figured this out, my business EXPLODED almost overnight.
I’ll show you the right way to get REAL and totally legit VIDEO REVIEWS from real people talking about how great your product or service is.

NO! I’m not talking about buying fake reviews on Fiverr or anything shady like that. I don’t care if you haven’t sold a single copy of your product or have never gotten a single paying client.

There’s a right way to go about getting real video reviews from real people, and I’ll show you exactly how I’ve been doing it for the last few years.

HINT: This SUPERCHARGED every video I’ve tried this on. You don’t need an email list or an existing following either.

Module 7: Emotional Soundtrack
The mind is an amazing thing…but it CAN be persuaded into doing what we want and thinking how we want it to think.

I’ll show you how to engineer a subtle yet powerful “Emotional Soundtrack” in your videos that influences your viewer’s subconscious mind, makes you feel how we want & when we want while watching your video and ultimately guides you down a path to seeing your product or service as the BEST solution to their problem.

If you follow my advice here, you will feel like THEY made the decision to purchase all by youselves, but we were in the background “pulling the strings” in a way so subtle, the conscious mind cannot pick up on it.

WARNING: This is powerful stuff. By purchasing VidiFire, you agree to NEVER use this tactic for any wrongdoing or to trick anyone into making a decision that will affect you in a negative way. You agree to only use this to sell products & services that actually help people.

Module 8: Animations Simplified
While not necessary for an epic video, animations can add a lot to your videos when used sparingly.

I’ll show you how I create you for next to nothing w/ FREE or low cost software AND who I’ve hired to create animations for me.

This means you can skip the headaches of trying to find reliable and cost effective contractors and actually just hire the same contractors I’ve used numerous times on mine and my client’s videos (if you want).

Module 9: The Voiceover
A voiceover can either make or break your video.

Did you know that your viewer will notice bad audio before they notice bad visuals and they’ll use that info to make a decision about how great your product/service is or isn’t.

I’ll show you the easy way to record a super high quality voiceover if you want to use your own voice.

I’ll also show you how I hire extremely talented voiceover artists for PENNIES on the dollar, and I’ll even show you who they are so you can get you to do your voiceover if you want.

Module 10: Lights, Cameras, Mics!
Most people think that you need some absurdly complicated “video production setup” to product high quality videos.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Nowadays, we all walk around with our best video camera in our pocket…our smartphones!

I’ll show you the exact tools I use to make every single one of my videos and my client’s videos. You’ll see the mics, the software..everything.

NOTE: This stuff is NOT required in the beginning, but it’s good to know what works and what doesn’t for when you are ready to upgrade your setup.

Part 2: The Templates & Swipe Files

The “VidiFire 4 Part Framework” Template
You’ll get the entire “VidiFire 4 part Framework” template that tells you exactly how to create your videos from beginning to end.

Ever looked at your computer screen and almost went crazy trying to figure out how to structure your video and what you should say AND how to say it?

Once you own this template, you’ll never experience that horrible pain again.
You’ll never struggle to write a video script again.

You’ll also never wonder if your video is “going to work” when it’s all done because you’re following a PROVEN formula that’s worked over and over again in a number of different niches for many different businesses.

This is the closest thing to having your very own clone of me that you can ask for help whenever you want…and it will never ask anything in return!

The Million Dollar Script Swipe Files
I’m handing you the EXACT video script swipe files for 5 of my hottest videos that have done over 6 figures in sales each.

These are PROVEN – battle tested video scripts that you can literally swipe, model or modify for your own offers.

Just replace my info w/ your own and you’ll have a high converting video script in mins.

This removes 99% of the “hard work” for you because you won’t need to start from scratch when writing your video script.

Just model my proven scripts and instantly sell more of whatever it is you’re selling.

VidiFire Review – Why should you buy it RIGHT NOW?

– Not only are you getting access to VidiFire for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. VidiFire include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose VidiFire, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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VidiFire Bonus

5000+ Stock Image collection

VidiFire Review
Animals Stock Photos, Architecture Stock Photos, Business Stock Photos, Fitness Stock Photos, Food and Drink Stock Photos, Health Stock Photos, Miscellaneous Objects Stock Photos and more.

Biggest Collection Of Digital Graphics (Whitelabel)

Instamate 2.0 Bonus
Instamate 2.0 Bonus
A huge pack of high quality Digital Graphics that suits to multiple niches, use them in your Landing pages, Sales Pages, Sales Videos and even in Social Meida Networks.


  1. ElegantThemes Pack (Themes & Plugins)Elegantthemes
  2. ThemeJunkie Premium Theme PackThemejunkie
  3. Genesis Framework + Full Themes Pack


High Converting Shopify Themes

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The Ultimate Tool for Amazon Sellers! Get your total package of technology and training for growing your Amazon business now: Find Opportunities, Source Products, Optimize Listings, Get Reviews...
Your Information will never be shared with any third party.
The Ultimate Tool for Amazon Sellers! Get your total package of technology and training for growing your Amazon business now: Find Opportunities, Source Products, Optimize Listings, Get Reviews...
Your Information will never be shared with any third party.
The Ultimate Tool for Amazon Sellers! Get your total package of technology and training for growing your Amazon business now: Find Opportunities, Source Products, Optimize Listings, Get Reviews...
Your Information will never be shared with any third party.