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ConnectExplore Review – 95% Off Discount & Huge Bonus

ConnectExplore Review – 95% Off Discount & Huge Bonus! Targeting is a deciding factor in the success of a Facebook Ads campaign. Some automation tools claim to take the burden of search form your shoulder. Well, most of them do the opposite. The best way to find targets for your campaign is to by using interests. It sounds simple but the ground work is massive. Search after search after search. It may take hours, even days to for a final formula. Connect Explore is the app that changes and elevates how you target your Facebook Ads campaign. My ConnectExplore review will show it what you need to know about the program.

ConnectExplore Review – Quick Details

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ConnectExplore Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Wilco de Kreij
  • Product: 2017-Jan-04
  • Launch Date: 2016-11-15
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • Official website: Click here
  • Bonuses: YES, Bonus from my site
  • Refund : 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Niche: Facebook Ads, Software
  • Recommended: Highly recommended
  • Skill Level Needed: All Levels
  • Support: Effective Response

Connect Explore Review – Introduction

As you know, you can target Facebook Ads to any group of people based on what they’re interested in and it challenges that using Facebook Manager or the Audience Insights tool it’s really hard to find the right Interest. I mean you need to find just a few highly competitive insights or you’ll be spending hours and hours on research every time you want to get a Campaign up.

Now ConnectExplore changes all of that, in just a matter of seconds you’ll find more Interests, any of your competitors ever could and even better Connect Explore algorithm will find which Interests will work for you.

ConnectExplore Review – What is ConnectExplore?

ConnectExplore is a Facebook marketing app that deepens while simplifies your targeting task for a Facebook Ads campaign. The app can find hundreds, and even thousands of interests. Then with a little mix-and-match, Connect Explore gives you the optimized targets. The results is you can target people who have same interests with lower cost. Connect Explore empowers you to have the work done while others just start.

ConnectExplore Review & Demo

ConnectExplore Review – 95% Off Discount & Huge Bonus

What are The Great Features of ConnectExplore?

Find Hidden Interests

ConnectExplore enables you to search for hidden interests to target more. It can be simply filtering or in-depth search. The app is even go further to pre-analyze the results so that you can easily find and select what you are looking for. It can also show you the result of highly related interests to you key one and give you a deeper look into the insights. This allows you to utilize your creativity.


Normally, once you’ve done with the searching, you start to target them. Connect Explore allows you to add layers to your searching and selecting. By doing so, you divide potential audiences into smaller groups then take the overlapping group. This group is the one that is most likely to click on and buy your product. It may sound complicated but all of those can be done with a few clicks. When you get what you need, you simple just click and Connect Explore will add what you have selected to your Facebook Ads account. No copy-pasting required.

Interest Analytics

ConnectExplore makes it possible to measure the performance of each interest. You do not need to create an adset for each interest. Just select and click, Connect Explore will give you all the statistics without any splitting work. You can also remove the interest that is not working well from your targeting within Connect Explore. This works for all interest-based campaign. This is the feature I like most and want to highlight in this Connect Explore review.

ConnectExplore Review – How Does It Work?

This high performing app is in fact really easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface. When you log in, all the main function like Search, Page Search, Breakdown, and Settings are there. Simply click on what you want to use. If you want to search, enter the keyword, wait for the result and click some button to get the best option for you Ads campaign. ConnectExplore will do all the hard work for you.

I’m going to show you everything step-by-step:

Audience Search:

Let’s get sTarted with the “Audience Search” which is an in-depth search engine will find your hundreds and hundreds of interested targeted any market or language.


All you need to do to get started: Enter one or multiple keywords. Simply click “Search” and ConnectExplore will give you hundreds of Interests. As you can see right here this single search already resulted in hundreds of hundreds of interests that you can target and we’re just getting started here.

ConnectExplore Review


Obviously you want to target only the best Audiences, ConnectExplore pre analyze your results so you can easily filter the most relevant audiences.

ConnectExplore Review


Once you get a list of interests, ConnectExplore can automatically find even more related interests:

ConnectExplore Review

ConnectExplore Review


As you can see, ConnectExplore is an easy-to-use app. You can easily add interest to you Facebook Ads account:

ConnectExplore Review

“Page search” is another way to find interest:

Here’s the cool part!
Let’s me show you one of my personal favorite features of ConnectExplore: “Page Search”.
Using this tool you can search for Facebook pages that are “liked” by a Facebook page.

Did you know that any Facebook page can like other Facebook pages. Take this page for example they liked all kinds of highly related pages so why not use that.

connectexplore review


Click the Binoculars icons to search for all pages that are “liked” by this page.

connect explore review


Choose “Only show pages with matching interest”

connect explore review


For every single Facebook page, ConnectExplore automatically checks whether there’s a matching interest that you can target using Facebook Ads which is going to be a huge time saver for everyone. You can simply add interests to any Facebook Adset by click “APPLY TO ADSET”

connect explore review


Measure which Interests are going to work for you.
Before ConnectExplore the only way to measure what interests are working for you was to create a new ad set for every single interest. So let’s say you have a list of 50 interests to target, you’ll need to create an optimized 50 different ad sets and if you don’t want to split test multiple ads you need to create those multiple ads and every one of those 50 assets as well.
I’m sure you’ll know nobody can do that.
Now ConnectExplore changes the game!


ConnectExplore Review – Conclusion

With the Facebook Ads becoming more and more competitive, whoever targets better with great content will win the game. ConnectExplore is that support that you are looking for to help skyrocket your ads campaign. Target to the right people is the first step of getting more profit. Thank you for reading my ConnectExplore review.

ConnectExplore Review – Prices and How to Buy it

On the front-end, you can own a lifetime license to ConnectExplore for $97 with a 30-day free trial of ConnectSuite. ConnectSuite is Connectio’s cutting-edge tools for Facebook Marketing.

Two more offers that I want to introduce to use in this ConnectExplore review are:

Yearly subscription for ConnectSuite for $679, instead of $97/month (equaling $1.164/year)

Special offer on UpViral – a tool for viral marketing.

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ConnectExplore Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Cutting-edge tool

Anyone who has built an interest-based Facebook Ads campaign knows the hard work of targeting. ConnectExplore does save marketers and businesses tons of time and money with optimized ROI.

Easy to use

With a user-friendly interface and support, I find it really easy to use ConnectExplore. I don’t have to dig through layer and layer to find a function because they are all there, right in the main page.

Compatible with any language

One of the best part with ConnectExplore is that it works for any language. So, if you are going to expand oversea or work for clients from somewhere else on Earth, you can still use ConnectExplore.

Why should you buy it RIGHT NOW?

Not only are you getting access to ConnectExplore for the best price ever offered (95% OFF), but also You’re investing entirely without risk. ConnectExplore include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose ConnectExplore, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Purchase it as soon as possible to get the lowest price.

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*Disclaimer: Our goal is to help you make the best purchasing decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are ours only. As always you should do your due diligence and verify any claims, quotes, statistics about any products or services mentioned on this website.

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The Ultimate Tool for Amazon Sellers! Get your total package of technology and training for growing your Amazon business now: Find Opportunities, Source Products, Optimize Listings, Get Reviews...
Your Information will never be shared with any third party.
The Ultimate Tool for Amazon Sellers! Get your total package of technology and training for growing your Amazon business now: Find Opportunities, Source Products, Optimize Listings, Get Reviews...
Your Information will never be shared with any third party.